Event Security

Permanent or temporary, theme parks and exhibitions call for a special mix of security solutions,. Mitigating the risks while making priceless exhibits accessible to the public calls for a delicate balance.

Permanent or temporary, theme parks and exhibitions call for a special mix of security solutions and with such a diverse range of events requiring different types of security personnel Profile Security has it covered from the turnstiles to the souvenir shop.  Working in conjunction with event and visitor attraction Management companies we provide expert security advice to afford peace of mind and crucially a safe and secure event.

Turnstile operators will utilise a scanning machine to authenticate tickets and allowing visitors to the event through the turnstiles.  Additional security officers will then perform pat-down searches to ensure that no undesirable items are concealed and we can also utilise sniffer dogs to conduct passive searches for narcotics and explosives.

Any visitor refusing to be searched could be denied entry by the security team, however we agree an escalation procedure with the management company prior to commencing services Profile security can also provide crowd management and liaison with external agencies such as the Police, Fire, and Safety experts.

To underpin our event management we can also provide security response teams to assist with any incidents in a professional and coordinated manner.  All events require a safety officer who can be provided by Profile Security.  Our Safety Officers will attend to first aid, health and safety, public safety and public liability requirements thus providing a total security solution for any event and visitor attraction.

Preventing theft or acts of vandalism often sees Profile Guards working in places that were not designed to welcome large numbers of visitors such as stately homes. Indoors and outdoors, time and again, our unobtrusive security professionals prove they are just the ticket.

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