The most likely terrorist target in the maritime world

Following 11 September 2001, the US government mobilised a team of intelligence and maritime industry experts to the most likely terrorist target in the maritime world. It was concluded that cruise ships, more than cargo ships, tankers or ferries, are the most attractive target to terrorists. Cruise ships often sail to remote ports that specialise in cargo rather than passenger operations and in developing countries security is not the same as at Western ports.

A follow up re-evaluation of the threat by law enforcement and intelligence agencies led to a different conclusion in that cruise ships are less attractive to terrorists than originally thought and are better protected than any other ships.

All cruise liners carry security officers as part of their crew; many, but not all, are armed. As terrorist attacks on cruise liners, are extremely The US Coast Guard surveyed 1,900 investigations of cruise ship facilities from 2006 to 2009 and found 347 security deficiencies. The Coast Guard also assessed more than 1,500 inspections of foreign-flag cruise ships and discovered 18 security-related deficiencies.

Oil rigs, ferry and freight companies, shipping agencies and port authorities around Britain call on Profile Security to meet their stringent standards. Working with Special Branch and the Border & Immigration Agency within the framework set by the regulatory body (TRANSEC), our drills and skills touch on all aspects of maritime traffic in and out of our shores. X-ray screening, searches, sniffer dogs preventing smuggling – it’s all in a day’s work for Profile’s Award Winning Security Management team.

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