Security measures we have in place now need constant revision!

Following the announcement by President Barack Obama that Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces in Pakistan, the BBC‘s guest columnist Ahmed Rashid says Bin Laden’s death is a huge blow to extremists, but al-Qaeda today is “loose and amorphous” Ahmed Rashid went on to warn: “The fear now of random suicide bombings in subway or train stations in the US or Europe is particularly high”.

There will be much debate, news and comment on today’s breaking news but one thing of which you can be certain, terrorist tactics will evolve and change over time a fact that has been proven by many organisations over the years who have tried to find a way through the defences of their chosen target.

Protecting the public, staff and business to stop terrorists requires all those involved in security to constantly look at the threat picture, understand the motives and the end result that terrorists are looking to achieve.

Security measures we have in place now need constant revision and business should be looking forward at new and innovative ways of reducing risk.  At the heart of our Security Management network is a team of specialists, experts on hand to assist business with their security arrangement.  Our Divisional Directors and their teams can call on these specialists to answer your questions, to offer advice and to pull together best-of-breed security solutions.

Profile Security’s presence nationwide means you can benefit in many ways. In terms of our purchasing power and the efficiencies of scale we bring, and in the way our entire network shares best practice. Contact Us

Together, our Regional Offices cover every corner of the UK mainland, a National Security Network that brings local knowledge and resources into play, responding quickly to routine requests and emergencies.

The UK threat levels for UK and Northern Ireland (at the time of writing this blog) are as follows:

Current threat level – The current threat level from international terrorism is Severe, This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

Terrorism related to Northern Ireland.  The threat level for terrorism related to Northern Ireland is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain:

In Northern Ireland it is Severe. This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

In Great Britain it is Substantial. This means that a terrorist attack is a strong possibility.

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