Nationwide – we’ve got you covered!

Spring is always a good time for looking forward and getting ready for better things to come. It’s traditionally a time for Spring cleaning, makeovers and facelifts.  If the price is that we have to kick up some dust and endure a little pain, Summer will tell you it’s worth the effort. You may be thinking about squeezing into Speedos and bikinis. I was thinking about something else.

While people often ask who looks after your premises, few think to ask who looks after those who look after your premises?  The answer is in Leeds.

Profile’s 24-hour Security Control Room located in Leeds has recently had a welcome make-over with a top-to-toe office refurbishment and some brand new monitoring hardware. The updates follow in the wake of new business wins.

Making the switch and sprucing up Profile’s Help Centre wasn’t as easy as you may think. On call around the clock, there’s never a good time or a right time to interrupt, unplug, bale out and build up.

With some careful planning and a lot of hard work, however, our Leeds team has got the job done with barely a ripple. With all hands to the wheel, even Profile’s own staff dusted off old talents! Control Room Operator Mick Borough surprised the trades with his own skills as an accomplished joiner!

 Coping in a crisis

Central to our Security Control Room’s role is the support the team provides to Profile Managers and all our Security Officers – not just in Leeds, but up and down the country. As well as fulfilling and reporting on routine tasks such as Officers booking on and off shift, our Leeds hub is central to Profile’s Business Continuity Strategy. If ever key staff at our regional offices are not available to tackle a crisis, our Security Control Room can make the right calls at the most senior level.

 In touch

The centre provides Profile clients with remote CCTV monitoring, with feeds automatically triggered and sent from every corner of the UK. Linked to the Emergency Services, our eagle-eyed operators can make sure Police, Fire and Rescue get to the scene within minutes.

Our national Control Room has two digital exchanges, each able to handle 500 calls simultaneously. This provides automated call-forwarding and messaging services. Our 24-hour teams can also take calls from Officers and members of the public, providing practical support and the answers they need.

 Tap on the back

Our Leeds staff also look after Lone Worker Protection, taking and making supervisory calls, logging incidents and dealing with unexpected situations. Using the latest technology, we can listen in to sites hundreds of miles away, scan them with our remote monitoring cameras, and even talk to intruders when we spot them. It’s like a tap on the back coming from 500 miles away!

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