Profile Security Can Assist Businesses In Achieving Best Value Security Services

The ever increasing pressure on businesses to demonstrate best value and reduce operational over heads, has seen a rise in the use of procurement specialists, bundled services.

In reality what customers want is an individually tailored and cost effective service solution that is supported by transparency of cost and service capability.

Of course many businesses recognise ways to cut costs and ensure sustainability but some organisations may not have the necessary expertise to fully understand the complexity of procurement alternatives and will seek guidance through a procurement specialist, which in itself is cost that can be avoided.  Profile Security  has years of experience within tendering for business and it has been our honest transparent approach that customers find beneficial in reaching the right decision for their business security solutions.

We hear much talk about partnerships, honesty and transparency but are these a play on the latest corporate buzz words?   From Profile Security’sperspective we view a customer service specification as though it was our own business, drawing upon our expertise within the security industry and from within our organisation.

In reality what customers want is an individually tailored and cost effective solution that is supported by transparency of cost, through an open book policy and transparency of service capability.  At Profile Security we achieve tangible results by simply discussing with customers where they can make savings by identifying the true service cost.

Profile Security is one of the few companies that can make a real difference to your business in this difficult climate.

  • Firstly we meet with you, your management team and other key personnel to identify their requirements and highlight the need to achieve best value
  • Discover areas where tangible savings could be achieved
  • Propose and agree realistic expenditure, reduction targets and timescales for achieving these
  • Ensure sustainability by working together in environmental issues and health and safety policies
  • Set performance parameters for Profile throughout our contract utilising Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators

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