The importance of Vetting your staff

A female security guard was recently arrested near London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium site on suspicion of possessing explosives and drugs. The 40-year-old dog handler was held after her vehicle was searched.  Although the incident is not being treated as terrorism related the arrest came on the same day that building work at the £486 million Olympic Stadium was completed.  Read more on this.

The incident highlights just how critical effective vetting and screening of staff is particularly with those involved in the security guarding industry.  However Just as Officers in the security industry have to be screened, the same applies in other commercial business sectors.  Profile Security carry out independent vetting checks to various levels, screening councillors, doctors, nurses, teachers, childcare and social workers.

As well as public sector employees, our Security Consultants are involved with the private sector, making tenant enquiries on behalf of landlords before tenancies begin, and helping them deal with nuisance tenants they may have inherited.

Checking Companies

Additionally our Security Consultants look at businesses and carry out due diligence checks and background enquiries to validate proposed corporate takeovers, strategic alliances and major investments and we can even trace assets to reveal signs of money laundering.

Vetting our own staff

There are strict procedures and British Standards for vetting security personnel plus the additional requirements of the SIA.  However the security industry averages for the turnover of security staff above the 30 % but by careful screening, selection and training of our security personnel, and creating career opportunities mark we have an enviable record of LESS THAN 20 % CHURN

You can view all our accreditations and standards here.

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